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Pricing The razor comes in a set that includes 24 extra razor blades and a deluxe carrying case.

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The Micro Touch One Razor is the new modern version of the classic safety razor.

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For over 100 years, the best way to shave is by using a single blade razor and you can bring that back by using Micro Touch One instead of expensive multi-blade razors.

I first heard of the MicroTouch One razor a few months ago when my girlfriend told me she saw a commercial on TV about an old-fashioned razor.Merkur Razors are generally regarded as some of the finest Safety Razors on the market.The next one in this list is one of the best double edge safety razor ever.

That really helps to get the whiskers soft and keep the blade slicing efficient.I still shave with a safety razor when my beard is really thick.Includes information on razors by Merkur, Parker, Edwin Jagger, Muhle and more.

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Harrison claims the best way to shave for over 100 years has been with the classic safety razor.The beauty of this razor is the versatility it brings to the table.The Micro Touch One razor and travel case look an awful lot like like one made by a Chinese company called Weishi, as you can see from the side-by-side comparison above.

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Merkur 34C Heavy Classic Double-Edged Safety Razor is a handcrafted and chunky shaver that is a perfect throwback for experienced wet shavers and newbies alike.

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This razor comes complete with a skull and crossbones engraved onto it.

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It has a head that tilts the head a bit so that one side is higher than the other.Clear Plastic packaging has slight damage to it near top, does not affect the razor.Merkur Long Handle (Best Safety Razor For Price) Out of the 12 razors here, Merkur Long handle in my opinion is the best safety razor after using it for more than 2 years now.For me, the lack of multiple blades this and vibrating that is kind of the point.With that in mind, it makes sense to invest in a really good one that will last a lifetime.Despite the marketing hype, even the six-bladed wonders will not give you nearly as close a shave as a quality steel safety razor or open blade razor.

Quote: When shaving with a safety razor, you can get about 2 to 3 more shaves out of a blade when compared to the cartridge blades.This 3- piece razor is a great looking classic razor, with a knurled handle.