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Making Your Home a Place For Readers Several tips to help parents of young children promote literacy at home.

Here are some easy ideas for creating your own course at home.At one end of the yard, mark a starting line for each team with a set of balloons tied to a stake that you have driven into the ground.Materials are easy to find, most activities take an hour or less, and the STEM learning is limitless.Here are 10 simple and fun activities for parents and preschoolers to do together.

Whenever the kids have a day off school I know I have to be prepared.Here are nine indoor activities that can keep even the most active child entertained.

At the other end, drive a stake with another set of balloons into the ground for each team. Have.

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Make learning for toddlers and preschoolers more exciting with hands-on activities.

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If a child has a speech developmental delay, they most likely have goals including multi-syllabic words.A few years back, my wife and I began experimenting with the concept of a money-free weekend to live more frugally.Need a few indoor activity ideas to keep the kids entertained at home.

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Kids can travel the world in search of art treasures, or play a card game against others while they get to know works of art from the Getty Museum.

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Here are 100 fabulous and fun activities for kids to do at home this summer.Even if your family chooses to sleep inside at night, the tent or fort is a fun place for kids to hang out, read, and play during the day for a change of pace.In the early stages of child growth, early childhood development is dependent on appropriate exercises for children.